Dockland Scout Project
Dockland Scout Project

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Below is the calendar of events at the Dockland Scout Project. The Calendar includes Water Activity weekends, Crew and Quartermaster Events and Accommodation Bookings.

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12Gwinear School (32 x 3)3Gwinear School (32 x 3)4Gwinear School (32 x 3)5Gwinear School (32 x 3)6Open Day7Open Day
8Upton Cross School (29 x 4)9Upton Cross School (29 x 4)10Upton Cross School (29 x 4)11Upton Cross School (29 x 4)12Upton Cross School (29 x 4)1314
1516St Columb Major Academy (47 x 3)17St Columb Major Academy (47 x 3)18St Columb Major Academy (47 x 3)19St Columb Major Academy (47 x 3)2021
22Kent Family 3 x 4)23Kent Family 3 x 4)24Kent Family 3 x 4)25Kent Family 3 x 4)262728
Dockland Scout Project Dockland Scout Project

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