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The only permantly moored campsite in the UK

Please search our list  below to find answers to the most popular questions. If there is something you cannot find, please click me and write me an email.

What is an activity weekend/open day?
An activity weekend provides exclusive use of the ship for your group to stay onboard. Water activities, water activity staff and safety cover are included in the price, but catering is not. You will be required to feed the staff at your expense as they give their time for free. Usually, your group will start the activity weekend on a Friday evening, and leave on a Sunday afternoon (or Monday if Bank Holiday). The programme must be submitted by the camp leader to us for approval. You may of course use our sample programme available on this site. Limited parking for group minibuses and cars is free. An open day is charged on a per person/per day basis. This is an excellent way to introduce your group to water activities, especially for cubs.

What is accommodation/international hosting?
When not in use for activity weekends, open days and crew training, the "Lord Amory" is available to visitors requiring a B&B service. An English breakfast and a bed is provided onboard the "Lord Amory". The price compares favourably with other such accommodation, at between 22 and 30 per night/per person, depending on numbers. There are no water activities included in this price. This is an ideal way to see London, as the ship is literally within central London, and only a short train ride to the West End.

Can the boat accommodate disabled people?
Although we endeavour to ensure the water activities are available to disabled people, we cannot usually allow them to sleep onboard, due to the layout of the ship. However, arrangements can be made prior to booking with our administrator, who may agree certain requirements. Please note that this cannot be guaranteed.

What is the quality of water like in London Docklands?
The water in West India Dock is maintained to a high standard. It is regularly checked by British Waterways for irregularities, and we are always informed of this. In the extremely rare case of low water quality on a particular day, we do not allow contact water activities to take place.

Can we use the river on an activity weekend?
Athough it is possible to access the river from our base, it is usually only done when notice is given to british waterways, as the lock operation and lifting of the 'blue bridge' is very expensive. However, if it needed, such as for a tidal sailing or power boat course,
it can be arranged.

Can our group choose which boats we use?
On a water activity weekend, it is usually possible to choose the boats you wish to use. However, on open days, the water can become very busy, and the boats are usually allocated on a first come first served basis. If you require the use of a particular boat, please contact the Project to arrange this. Some boats carry an additional charge to the normal activity costs.

Who does the catering for our stay?
On an activity weekend, it is your responsibility to provide catering arrangements for your group. We have a large galley and preparation areas, as well as an industrial cooker. There is also a mess room where your group can all eat together at mealtimes. Alternatively, you may choose to eat out, as there are many restaurants, take-aways and fast food outlets in the area. Most will deliver direct to the boat.

Is there parking spaces for our group minibus or cars?
Limited parking is provided for free when staying as part of an activity weekend or when using the base as B&B accommodation. However, this is not the case for courses and open days, as we have a restricted amount of space available to us from British Waterways. There is however parking spaces in the nearby vicinity, many with no charge.

Is there anything to do in London Docklands?
The Isle of Dogs and surrounding Docklands area has plenty to do for people of all ages. Why not check out some of these on our DOCKLANDS PAGE. As we are so close to Central London, and have excellent public transport, the whole of London is also at your fingertips!

What if the weather is bad during my stay?
Obviously, we cannot take responsibility for bad weather upsetting your weekend. However, with a good programme, such as the inclusion of a wet-weather programme, this will not be a problem for your group.

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