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Drascombe Gig
Drascombe Gig
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We operate 4 of the 25ft long Drascombe Gigs; Chatham, Big Phil, Braunton & Gravesend, which can carry a crew of 10. All 4 DSP boats are fitted with outboards and have custom built road trailers

Drascombe Longboat
Drascombe Longboat
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This is the next Drascombe down in size from the Gig at 21ft 9in long, our one is named Westminster she is the oldest sailing boat in the fleet. Westminster also has a 6hp outboard and custom road trailer

Drascombe Lugger
Drascombe Lugger
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The Projects Lugger is called Kingfisher and is 19ft in length, this is a really useful boat to move people on from dinghies to the larger keelboats.
Kingfisher comes complete with4 hp outboard and road trailer.

059.JPG - 2790kb

periodically we swamp test all our boats. This shot shows one of our Drascombe Gigs having been pulled over on its side and then released. In reality it is almost impossible to capsize a Gig.

Dras 3.jpg - 716kb

April 2012, With three gigs sailing in West India Docks on a very wet Open day.

Drascombe 2.jpg - 1999kb

April 2012, Three gigs sailing in West India Docks on a very wet Open day.

GetImage.jpg - 19kb

One of the Projects 4 Drascombe Gigs sailing in Woolwich Reach.

Open day - May 2012 003.jpg - 1517kb

"Gravesend" in the backgound, full of cubs,and "Betty Court" with two staff members being examined for their RYA Keelboat qualifications.

Open day - Oct 2009 006.jpg - 2126kb

Two of the Drascombe Gigs sailing in the West India Docks in Oct 2009 during a very busy Open day.

P3290054.JPG - 3007kb

Early 2009. One boat expedition from the Docks upriver to Westminster and back. Gave the pleasure trip boats something to do.

P8160267.JPG - 2815kb

Sept 2009 - 2 boat weekend trip downriver from the Docks to Erith and back.

P8160279.JPG - 3328kb

Sept 2009: Both boats passing downstream of the Dome.

SSL22046.JPG - 2852kb

Sept 2009: The Dome in the background as they make there way to the Thames Barrier.

SSL22059.JPG - 2795kb

Sept 2009: Approaching the Woolwich Ferry after passing through the Thames Barrier.

SSL22069.JPG - 2895kb

Sept 2009: Both Gigs having safely passed the Woolwich Ferry on their way downriver.

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