Dockland Scout Project
Dockland Scout Project

We are temporarily closed.
Following guidance from The Scout Association, we have suspended all Scouting and Guiding activities and training courses. We are monitoring the current situation and will be open as soon as possible.

Volunteer Staff and Instructors

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A fleet of over 90 craft are available from canoes and kayaks through sailing dinghies to large motor craft, and can operate within the dock complex and on the tidal River Thames. The base is manned by a team of volunteers every weekend in the season from February to November, and safety cover is available for all customers who visit the base.

The DSP is managed by a committed team of volunteers, who devote much of their time to helping run activities, administration and maintenance. The Project Team is as follows:

Position   Members of the Project Team
  District Commissioner & Centre Principal   Richard Hart
  Boats and Estates Manager   Vacant
  Training Manager   Megan Young
  Chief instructor - Paddlesports   Myles Molloy  
  Chief instructor - Powerboating   Ian Maynard  
  Chief instructor - Dinghy Sailing   Pippa Barber  
  Chief instructor - Pulling   Richard Hart  
  Chief instructor - Keelboats   William Brown  
  HR Manager   Simon Harrison
  HR Assistant(s)   Debbie Crawford
  Crew Leader   Martin Petchey
  Quartermaster Leaders / Explorer Scout Leaders   David Smith
  Asst QM Leaders / AESLs   Coran Cherry, Doug Donovan
  Nights Away Assessor   Simon Harrison
  Appointments Secretary   Vacant
  Information Technology Manager / Webmaster   Richard Baltutis
  Chairman - Management Committee   Julian Cartwright
  Hon Treasurer   Michael Hudson
  Accommodation Franchisee   Mark Francis
  Wardroom Manager / Treasurer / Chairman   Will Coombs - Alex Mansi  - William Brown
  Nutty Manager(s)   Martin Petchey / SQM's


  Position   Project Management Committee
  Chairman   Julian Cartwright
  Hon Treasurer   Michael Hudson
  Boats & Estates Manager   Vacant
  Training Manager   Ian Maynard
  HR Manager   Simon Harrison
  Crew Leader    Martin Petchey
  Quartermaster Leader   David Smith
  IT Manager / Webmaster   Richard Baltutis
  Organiser - Discovery Sailing Project   Andrew Broadbent
  Elected Member   William Brown
  Elected Member   Alex Mansi
  Elected Member   Will Coombs
  Elected Member   Ian Maynard  
  Elected Member (Youth Representatives)   Beth Taylor / Tom Skinner / Connor Slaney
  Minutes Secretary   Pippa Barber
  District Commissioner / Centre Principal   Richard Hart

Our Crew and Quartermasters

Crew that work at the base undertake many activities, and most are trained to run water activities and weekends. At present (2019), we have 4 British Rowing Coaches, 5 RYA Keel-Boat Instructors, 16 RYA Dinghy Sailing Instructors plus 5 Assistant instructors,  11 RYA Powerboat Instructors, 2 RYA, 2 BCU and 2 First Aid at Work First Aid Instructors, 25 BCU Kayak and Canoe Coaches, 4 RYA VHF Instructors & 2 RYA Diesel Engine Instructors almost all of whom are home grown. We regularly run training weekends open to all our staff, so that they can improve upon their qualifications, allowing for a greater variety of activities.The base not only comprises of the headquarters training ship 'Lord Amory' moored by the dockside, but a modern building. This serves many purposes, including housing modern shower, toilet and changing facilities, dry storage for our smaller boats and two large workshops in which our boats and equipment are maintained. This is undertaken by a team of maintenance crew, who voluntarily attend the base regularly (at least once a week) to help put their skills into action. This method allows us to continuously maintain our craft to a high standard, whilst having a permanent team ready to fix things when they go wrong.

Finally, a great success of the Project has been the Quartermaster's scheme, which has been running for several decades. The scheme provides assistance to water activities with young qualified volunteers, who usually attend another youth organisation such as scouts, guides or cadets. They are trained in many aspects of water activities as well as First Aid and have excellent opportunities to gain qualifications whilst in the scheme. When they reach 18, and can no longer be a part of this scheme, most choose to stay on as crew. This provides the Project with a continuous, steady flow of qualified young adults which can assist with the running of your weekend.

Our District Uniform

The uniform worn by members of the DSP is not very different to that of the Scout Association's own uniforms. Quartermasters wear a red polo shirt or sweatshirt with an embroidered logo, along with a white scarf. In addition, they must also wear smart black trousers and shoes for formal events such as colours. Crew uniform is very similar, with all members over 18 wearing a navy polo shirt, again with an embroidered logo. A sweatshirt, jacket and fleece are also available. All members wear bright red baseball caps with "DSP Staff" printed on them when running very busy water activities, enabling them to be highly visible to visitors.

Outside Activities

Apart from manning the base throughout the year, the quartermasters and crew often get together to improve their group and communication skills. Fun days on the water, attending camsp such as Winter Camp and Gilwell 24. The Projects Network team attend events all over the country, taking part in activities and promoting the Project.


Dockland Scout Project Dockland Scout Project

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